Girl in the Shadows

Gorgeous Lami, was sheThe girl in the shadowsWhen she reasoned, I gapedWhen she texted, I escaped.She danced in the dingy alleysShook her beautiful buttocksShe grabbed my chestPlunged herself unto the issueSwang herself sweatyAll around the slimy wand.She tinkered and wonderedAt how the road ran too deepShe whispered to darknessAt the length of the mountain tip.She… Continue reading Girl in the Shadows

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This Place

I’m back in this place/ cold and alone/ haunted by the very demons I thought I had beaten/ beaten by the very fears I had spoken about./ I’m back here/ in the very darkness I had once cast my torch into/ tired and defeated/ beat and cheated/ I wish that I could forgive/ maybe let… Continue reading This Place

“Boss, Some Soda”

The phrase “Boss, some Soda” means much more than meets the eye. The country’s economic realities have turned majority of its citizens into beggars who live off “soda tips” in order to make ends meet. This satirical piece has been dramatised to critique the hapless situation that most Ugandans find themselves in.

I Touched Heaven

I touched heaven the other day, While the little children outside shuffled their feet I saw God write lettersWhile His angels stood guard I stretched out my handAnd tightened my grip at the clouds It could have been a dreamBut I felt the sweat drip off my skin So, I closed my eyes and let… Continue reading I Touched Heaven

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Nights I Can’t Sleep

I usually have a horrible time gathering sleep especially during allergy season. I use this time to observe and write…with the hope that I will gather sleep soon.

What Happened?

Empty.Been feeling like that lately.A shut out soul,And a forgotten manWith Whithered prospects.So it was,That I would be,The kind of being that you see.Bereft of redemptionAnd in need of admiration.I sang about droplets of honeyAt the time I cared for no money.Naive and talentedCareless and arrogant.Tasteless and quasi-smart.So, it is,That I am none of these.The… Continue reading What Happened?

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Green Death

I sought a hero because I was in need of saving,Kin and consanguineous connections failed meI used regret and pain to paint my canvasAnd made myself into a messy masterpiece I loved that she wore strength and hope,that she easily waltzed around without a care.I loved that she dressed in hope and glamour,that she lit… Continue reading Green Death

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To you, Nyakwenks

Dearest Nyakwenks, It will take long getting used to the fact that you are no longer with me. I was deeply shattered when news broke on Sunday. At least I am glad that you are resting well and that you do not have to feel anymore pain. Yesterday was extremely difficult for me. I kept… Continue reading To you, Nyakwenks

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On Sunday, I met up with a close friend who was to embark on a trip abroad. She had been here since December and with Covid 19 in place, I had hoped she would stay around a while longer. We met at a popular local eatery and when we were finished with the meal, she… Continue reading Questions