On Sunday, I met up with a close friend who was to embark on a trip abroad. She had been here since December and with Covid 19 in place, I had hoped she would stay around a while longer.

We met at a popular local eatery and when we were finished with the meal, she told me something that will stick with me forever. She said: Whatever you do, Jordan, always remember who you are and whose you are.
Who am I? I have since wondered. Whose am I, I have since asked. Is it that I am the double-faced budding lawyer who is constantly praying for a sign of my true purpose? Or better yet, am I the tough brute who is goey on the inside?

Whose am I? Do I belong to an aloof deity that seemingly stands guard over me and shields me from any harm whilst quietly whispering to me to do better next time. Or do I belong to the string of family and friends who have heaped on my frail shoulders, since infancy, the responsibility of being someone in this world?

In all my actions, must I worry that in not unleashing my true self upon this world, I have failed to remember not just myself but also those whose believe strongly in me? Is it possible that in understanding who I am, I will most not be understood by those to who I am responsible to? Can I honestly believe that if I am more accepting and forgiving of who I am, then I will be readily accepted and forgiven by those whose I belong to?

The questions are many, yet answers are so few but I hope that for you who is reading this, you never forget who you are and whose you are. Better yet, I pray that you find meaning in that quote.

By Jordan Tumwesigye

The stroke of the pen cures all pain The symbols on a page outlast age

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