Green Death

I sought a hero because I was in need of saving,
Kin and consanguineous connections failed me
I used regret and pain to paint my canvas
And made myself into a messy masterpiece

I loved that she wore strength and hope,
that she easily waltzed around without a care.
I loved that she dressed in hope and glamour,
that she lit up the streets to attract the moths.

In my pursuit for a glorified person in a cape,
I laboured and landed on her beautiful landscapes.
Yet I was aware too of her tongue that tasted of death
and I pondered how I might meet my darkseid

I don’t know what I would rather have for weakness
A murderous woman or a green rock
I don’t know what strength lies in steel and ambition
When death will always be before a green light

Categorized as Poem

By Jordan Tumwesigye

The stroke of the pen cures all pain The symbols on a page outlast age