I Touched Heaven

I touched heaven the other day,

While the little children outside shuffled their feet

I saw God write letters
While His angels stood guard

I stretched out my hand
And tightened my grip at the clouds

It could have been a dream
But I felt the sweat drip off my skin

So, I closed my eyes and let my fears go
And lunged ever closer to God’s own home

I trembled like I’d come down with something
As I drained my entire lifeline course

You should have seen the whole scene
When I frothed and fought.

My skin glistened like I’d rubbed it with diamonds
As I struggled to take back my breath

Overwhelmed and lifeless
I laid bare at God’s own feet

He was free to write my name in any book
I didn’t mind that this time He chose the former.

In the depth of that moment
I marvelled at my might

For once in my miserable life
I had not been locked out of heaven
I always wore insatiability in my loins
So I hoped I would be at God’s feet once more

Stretching and reaching out
Begging for God’s mercy yet again.
Categorized as Poem

By Jordan Tumwesigye

The stroke of the pen cures all pain The symbols on a page outlast age