to action

while i furiously thumbed through my notebook, i discovered this piece: from this day remember [that] actions have consequences. some come with regrets. for every action you take, for every remark you make, you have to ask yourself: am i willing to live with the consequences? of course we must not let the fear of… Continue reading to action

I taught Her

I taught her to love even when I knew none myself I taught her to fly and believe in the beauty of love. So, she smiled at the thought of my smile  Wept at the sight of my anguish. She knew none of these things But I told her That if she let it all… Continue reading I taught Her

Into the Dark

A poem about God’s guidance in times of turbulence. This poem features in the author’s upcoming poetry collection titled ‘Night Light’

Categorized as Poem


I learnt to live with my scars after someone special asked me to embrace them. Poem with intense imagery

Prima donna

Written in late 2015, the poet uses the aspect of a prima donna to write about a woman who seems unbothered by life’s shortcomings

Last Drop

I drink from the bottle Ecstatic and elated For the thrill I derive I watch her disappear into the unknown I feign sobriety I can’t be seen drunk Bar lights grow dark I know it’s finished I clamor for the last Peeping and believing That some is left But am denied hope. Glad I attained… Continue reading Last Drop

Life after the Sex Tape

Introduction For some ludicrous reason, sex tapes are a fast-growing trend. Urban dictionary defines a sex tape as ‘a ploy used by washed up celebrities to gain main stream media attention’. I couldn’t agree more. As kids, er teens, we watched in awe as Kim Kardashian bit down Ray J’s pecker. (We later see grotesque… Continue reading Life after the Sex Tape